“For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

Psalm 84:11

In our present culture, we are taught to want. We are told that we need certain things like a nice car or house, a significant other, and mostly, money, to be happy and successful. So naturally, we search for the things that we want. We make long Christmas lists and have Pinterest boards filled (guilty) with things that we want and ultimately think will make us happy.

A lot of times we do this to God too. We pray for things that we want and most of the time will make us more comfortable. Then, when we pray for these things and we don’t receive them, sometimes we can tend to think that God isn’t being good to us. We think we know what we need or what will make us happy.

God is absolutely not withholding any good thing from you.

That boyfriend or girlfriend that you’ve been praying for who hasn’t come may be being withheld from you but it is for your good. God knows exactly what time that you need to meet them and the person that you need to be when you do. Even though we think that’s what we want, God knows that is not what we need. We simply cannot design a better plan for our lives than the one that God has already begun in us. Let Him finish it.

Whether you are waiting for a job offer, a raise, a baby, an acceptance letter, or fill in the blank, nothing is being withheld from you. It is so easy to have a clouded view of the things that we think we need and forget that there is no good apart from Christ. If we are seeking goodness out of the world we will come up empty every single time. The “good things” that we get so caught up in pursuing aren’t always permanent, they can be stripped from us at anytime. God is the most constant thing in our lives. He will never leave or abandon us. We cannot be so foolish as to put all of our hope and happiness into things that are not of God. He is the true provider of joy and goodness.

You are seen, you are loved, and you are known.

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